Bogey’s A La Carte  2018

Ask your server about our Daily Special


Garlic Bread $6.95 (with cheese add $2.00)


Vegetable Spring Rolls (3) with Plum Sauce   $5.25


Onion Rings with Smoked Tomato Ketchup   $7.95


Fries – Crispy hand cut Fries

Basket  $6.95      Side  $3.95      Add Gravy or or Smoked Tomato Ketchup  $1.50

Cheddar Burger – Grilled 5 oz all beef patty with cheddar, lettuce, tomato, & red onion


(add fries $2.00, add bacon  $2.00)


Bogey Hot Dog  $4.00 (with fries add $2.00)

Bogey Sausage  $5.00 (with fries add $2.00)


Sauces: Mild, Medium, Hot, Honey Garlic or Sweet Chili, Cajun, Cracked Black Pepper & Salt

1 lb. - $12.95

 2 lb. - $18.95

Thursday special: 1 lb with fries - $10.95


Soup of the Day - Chef’s Daily Creation   $6.95


Salad of the day   $10.95 (with freshly grilled chicken add $4.00)


Authentic Caesar Salad, creamy garlic dressing, Parmesan, bacon, with house made croutons

Meal Size  $10.95 (with freshly grilled chicken add $4.00)

Side  $5.00

House chopped salad - Oven dried tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, mixed greens

with choice of house vinaigrette, honey balsamic, or buttermilk ranch   $9.95

Summer Berry Salad with Goats Cheese   $10.95

(with freshly grilled chicken add $4.00)


(Includes home made fries)

(Substitute fries with Side Caesar $4, Garden Salad $4, or Daily Salad $4)


Grilled Vegetable Panini with eggplant, zucchini, red pepper, portabella mushroom, red onion, topped with

house made caramelized shallot & honey balsamic dressing  & goats cheese   $11.95


Croque Monsieur – Black Forest ham on marble rye, suisse cheese, griddled and smothered

with béchamel sauce topped with more cheese and a fried egg   $12.95


The Beef Dip – Thinly sliced Prime Rib on Italian style Ciabatta, crispy fried shallots,

oven dried tomatoes served with natural pan jus   $14.95

The Reuben – Montreal smoked meat with Sauerkraut & Suisse cheese on Marble Rye   $12.95


The Clubhouse  Sandwich – Grilled chicken, bacon, red onion, lettuce , tomato on Ciabatta bun   $12.95



The Western - Egg, ham, green pepper, and onion on white or brown bread   $8.95


Grilled Cheese    $7.95   (add bacon $2.00)


Ham & Suisse cheese with leaf lettuce on white or brown or multi-grain bread   $6.95

Egg Salad with leaf lettuce, light mayo, green onion, and pommery dressing   $6.95

Tuna Salad with leaf lettuce & lemon mayo and fresh dill   $6.95


Salmon Salad with leaf lettuce, fresh chives & light mayo   $6.95

Daily Quiche Special   $8.95


Summer Berry with Chantilly Cream   $12.95


Mixed Mushroom & Suisse with Leek Cream   $12.95


Chicken, Spinach, Ovendried Tomato & Goats Cheese   $13.95


(Served with your choice of Fries or Rosemary Roast Potatoes or Rice & Seasonal Vegetables)

10 oz Pork Chop with with grilled vegetables & rosemary apple cider gastrique   $18.95

Grilled Chicken Breast with dried tomato leek cream sauce with Spinach   $18.95


Sausage & Pepper Penne with house made tomato sauce   $17.95

Fish & Chips – Beer battered haddock loin, coleslaw, capers, tartar & fresh lemon

$13.95 (one piece)

$17.95 (two piece)


Pork Schnitzel with brown butter caper sauce, fresh lemon, pommery  mustade,

house made spätzle, and seasonal vegetables   $18.95


Chicken Parmigiana with linguini & tomato sauce   $18.95

The Mak & Cheese – Tender macaroni with cheesy mournay sauce, oven dried tomatoes, fresh basil,

gratinated  with toasted panko & cheddar   $16.95

Pan seared Salmon with basil & chive infused basmati rice, French green beans

with tobiko orange citrus vinaigrette   $21.95


(made in-house)

Summer Berry Crepe   $12.95


Crème Brulee   $6.95


Fruit Pie   $4.95

(add ice cream $2.00) 

Beverages & Snacks

Chips $2.00 tax incl

Chocolate Bars $2.00 tax incl

Tea $1.75 tax incl

Juice (6oz glass) $2.00 tax incl

Bottled Gatorade $3.00 tax incl

Fountain Pop $1.85 tax incl

Coffee $1.75 tax incl

Milk (1%) $2.50 tax incl

Bottled Pop $2.50 tax incl

Bottled Water $2.50 tax incl

Unless otherwise noted prices are plus applicable taxes.